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The Tennis Tutor ProLite™ - Battery Model is a full-featured professional ball machine, yet it stands only 12''(30 cm )tall and weighs less than 31pounds(14 kg.) This model is battery - powered with oscillator.

Five-second Set-up The ball hopper opens in seconds. Just load the balls and you’re ready for action.

Versatile Speed Ball speed is variable from a gentle toss that’s ideal for kids just beginning tennis, to hard-hitting groundstrokes that will challenge even top amateur players.

Variable Ball Feed Ball feed rate is variable from one ball every 1-1/2 seconds (for quick-reaction volleys), to one ball every 10 seconds.

Start-up Time Delay A start-up time delay allows the player time to get to the other side of the net before balls begin shooting.

Full Range of Trajectories Ball trajectory is manually adjustable from groundstroke to lob.

Battery-powered models The battery-powered models typically deliver two to three hours of playing time from their built-in rechargeable batteries. And they even have a built-in battery charge indicator. A smart battery charger is included that fully charges the battery overnight.

Optional Remote Control A foot-operated remote control allows the player to start and stop ball delivery.

*Extended thre year warranty available for additional cost.

With Oscillator+
# of Balls125
Remote control+
Playtime usually2-3 h
Weight (lbs)30
Interval (secs.)1.5-10 sek.
Speed (ft/sec)10-60
A smart battery charger is included+
TrajectoriesGroundstroke to Lob

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